2020 Call for Writers


This year’s theme for Voices of the Valley is “Childhood.” We are looking for writers–new and experienced–to submit creative nonfiction stories that grapple with growing up, making sense of the world, and/or seeing society/culture through a child’s eyes. These stories can be autobiographical, about children in your life, or about work you do in service to childhood/children*. In connection with the UND Writers Conference theme, “The Working Classes,” we are particularly interested in stories that consider childhood from the vantage point of class, first generation, poverty, blue-collar living, etc., but we will accept submissions containing a diversity of themes.

The structure and length are flexible, though stories should be creative nonfiction and are typically around 2000 words. Drafts should be submitted by March 1st, 2020. Authors with well developed stories acceptable for the standard of the collection will have the opportunity to have their work published in the 7th volume of Voices of the Valley. A select few will have the additional opportunity to read their story at the University of North Dakota Writers conference on March 26th, 2020. Upon submission, all authors are agreeing to editing, publication, printing, and distribution of their stories by the directors of the project. For further information and inquiries, contact Erin Kunz at erin.lord.kunz@gmail.com.

*All stories containing children as characters should be approved by parents/guardians and/or be absent of personal/identifying information, as is appropriate to maintain privacy, dignity, and safety of all involved in the project.

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